If it's knowledge and experience you're looking for, TeamBrowns have both in abundance. Our team have accrued many rod-years between them and have fished all over the world, at the highest level. From Shark fishing in Australia to Gudgeon on the Grand Union, you can be sure that they don't just 'talk the talk', but also 'walk the walk'. Check out their year round results on our social media.


Keith Gurney

 Keith Gurney

Keith started fishing on the Grand Union Canal at the age of six.

He is well known in the local angling community, having cut his teeth on many waters in the area and through his involvement with local clubs.

A true all rounder, he's just as happy fishing for gudgeon on the canal as fishing the French rivers for large catfish. His pb list boasts 40lb+ English carp, 14lb+ barbel &  zander and 2lb+ roach. These days he'll often be found fishing the quiet places with cane rod and centre pin and writing his online blog THE INTREPID PISCATOR.

Having been at the Leighton Buzzard shop since it opened, he now has a new role as Web/Media Manager.



Derren Burr  ( Leighton Buzzard ) #thegoat

 Derren Burr
Derren first lowered a bait into water when he was just 6 years old and now some 36 years on his passion for catching fish and talking all things fishy still burn massively within.

Although a match angler in his teens which lead him to angling in Two Nationals at junior and intermediate level, in his late teens Derren soon became a specimen angler chasing Carp and Catfish both at home and abroad. With captures of Carp to just over 40lb and Cats to over 70lb, "Some Happy times have been had" from 1 acre puddles to 200 acres of inland seas!

Nowadays though he regards himself as "a bit of an all rounder", and can mainly be found sneaking about on English Rivers and local Canals chasing anything from specimen Barbel and Chub to Roach and Perch. The last 5 years or so have seen him net Barbel to 13lbs,Chub to 6.14 and Roach to 3.08.

As Assistant Branch Manager at our Leighton Buzzard store in Bedfordshire he's always up for giving you friendly advice with a little banter thrown in for "free".


 Mark Betteridge (Haddenham) #haddenhamhauler


Mark Betteridge_zpsdtm12iou


 Haddenham Shop Manager, Mark is still in his mid 20’s he has worked in the angling trade for 12 years and classes himself as an all-round angler.

In his teens he fished on the open match circuit where he won numerous titles and matches. He has also competed in a few nationals and a junior Fish o Mania final.  In recent times Mark has moved more towards specimen angling catching a variety of big fish from perch to barbel and carp. He now competes on a regular basis on the carp match scene where he has won more than his fair share of titles. He tries to get out on the bank as much as possible and  spends a lot of time fishing on the Linear fisheries day ticket waters and a couple of syndicate waters in Oxfordshire area so if there is anything you need to know about any aspects of fishing, Mark's your man.


Mick Turney (Leighton Buzzard)



An outgoing, helpful, dependable Leighton Buzzard team member.Very competent, all round angler with a wealth of knowledge of most species, and how to catch them. Has fished all over the world from Gibraltar to the Great Barrier Reef. His list of UK PB's include Chub 7lb 4oz, Pike 33lb 12oz and Carp 38lb 10oz. He tells us that he goes fishing to "Get away from it all" as he loves the great outdoors and the natural world.

Warped sense of humour, but very approachable!


Andy Conybeare (Leighton Buzzard)





Andy has been Treasurer and bailiff for Dunstable Angling Club for the last decade and has a great all round understanding of the sport. He finds enjoyment in everything from jigging for perch in the canal to hauling big carp out of local clubs and syndicates. With UK carp to mid 30’s and fish to mid 40’s abroad he‘s no stranger to a ‘chunk’! Working in the angling trade certainly hasn’t suppressed his hunger for the sport and can be found most lunch breaks spending a quick half hour trying to catch anything with gills. A very friendly and approachable member of the team, Andy is always on hand.


Carl Davis (Haddenham)



 Carl is a valued member of staff at our Haddenham branch as he is very knowledgeable in most forms of angling. He has been fishing for over 25 years and worked in the angling trade for around 8 years now.

Fishing the public waters in France is Carl’s favourite form of fishing these days, along with any quiet local waters at home. Carl’s English pb is 35.8 and overseas pb is 59.12 so if you would like to speak to Carl about any form of angling he will be more than happy to help.


Jasper Giles (Haddenham)


Jasper is the newest member of the Browns Haddenham team, though he has worked the summer holiday for the last few years. He is a great little angler fishing difficult club waters in the Thames valley and also loves sea fishing abroad for sharks and other species. His English PB carp is 32.8 and he's landed shark to over 7ft and grouper to a massive 350lb! Very knowledgeable in most types of angling and would be more than welcome to guide you in any way.

Lewis Edward (Haddenham)


Lewis had been with us as our Saturday boy for around 4 years and we have now taken him on full time. He is a great member of staff and is always trying to help people in any way he can. he loves his fishing and is growing in to a good little angler. you can often find him fishing local day ticket waters around the area. He also likes to fish in France once a year where he catches more than his fair share.

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