Delkim Alarms have been at the forefront of Bite Indication Technology for over 35 years. In the late 1970’s, carp anglers DEL Romang and KIM Donaldson put their names together to form DELKIM. The business was initially formed to give Del & Kim the credibility to obtain bait making ingredients and flavourings for themselves, which at that time could not be purchased from tackle shops. It is a little known fact that Del & Kim played a major part in discovering some famous early bait flavourings before they were generally available including Cream, now known as Scopex, Strawberry, Spice B etc. At the time bite alarms were in their infancy and those electro-mechanical devices that were available were not suitable for the rigours of carp fishing. The Heron antenna alarm invented by Dick Walker in the 1950’s was virtually the only bite alarm available and was state of the art at that time, however it had shortcomings and anglers had already attempted to improve it in various ways. Del’s early DIY attempts at incorporating electronics into the Heron were being noticed by anglers at Darenth in Kent, which was a famous carp fishery, even in the 1970’s. Using LEDs, electronic circuitry and what were known as GPO speakers, the Delkim Heron Conversion was born and made commercially available via a service where anglers sent their own Herons to Delkim for conversion. This conversion service established Delkim in the bite alarm business. In the early 1980’s the revolutionary Optonic bite alarm had emerged which yet again had deficiencies which anglers had identified and asked Delkim to overcome. The result was the now infamous Delkim Optonic conversion, which included ground breaking features such as magnetic rotation sensing, mega low current drain and above all reliability! This set the standard against which all future electronic bite alarms would be judged and firmly established the reputation and name of Delkim in the history of specialist tackle development. Unfortunately due to legal problems the conversion of Optonics ceased in 1986 but there are still many of these almost vintage alarms being used today which is testimony to their reliability. Because of the uncertainty brought about by these legal difficulties at that time, Kim Donaldson decided to part company with Delkim in a totally amicable arrangement with Del Romang which still left them great friends. Although Del Romang had made a few handmade alarms of his own over the years he had long dreamt of using his inventive ideas to make his own bite alarms commercially rather than improve other manufacturers products by conversion. The idea for today’s Delkim actually came to him in a dream in 1983 when he woke up with a start in the early hours and ran naked downstairs to run a piece of fishing line across the stylus of his record deck. (remember vinyl?) The resulting Patent Application invented the Delkim Vibration System which took nine years of intensive development until 1992 for Del to perfect and of which he is so justifiably proud.... Read more.

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