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Enterprise Tackle – Imitation Hook Baits for all Species – “The Original and Still the Best!” Enterprise Tackle was formed as a company in 2003, but we actually started producing a range of products five years earlier in 1998. After the success of the Popup Corn, we continued to add other popular baits to our range, and it wasn’t long before we were contacted by top carp angler Frank Warwick, who asked if we could make him some luminous corn samples to test out. Frank had a feeling that carp would be attracted to glowing hook baits, and he was proved right when the first batch of luminous green and blue baits resulted in some spectacular catches. It turned out that Frank was already a fan of our baits and he readily agreed when we asked him to become a consultant, to help further develop our range and promote them through his articles and media work. With his help and in later years that of our other consultants that have joined us, we have became firmly established as the leading brand for imitation baits throughout Europe and the  U.K. offering the largest and best range of imitation baits. Britain’s top carp and specialist anglers choose our baits because they work, four separate British record species are testament to this fact. Many have tried imitation baits from other companies, mostly made in the far east, but a lack of results ensures they keep using Enterprise, the original and best.... Read more.

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