Browns Angling Consultants

This page is dedicated to our group of hand picked non-staff consultants.

Alan Taylor (Carp Legend & Overseas Ambassador) – R.I.P Mate.


Company Chairman, Fishery Owner, Mainline Baits consultant…the list goes on.

Alan’s carping CV is just immense.

UK Mirror 55lb 12oz

UK Common 52lb 8oz

UK Leather 51lb 10oz

Five overseas fish of 80lb+

Recently he has been making some astonishing catches at his beloved Rainbow including Common 86lb 4oz

Ten Scale 84lb

Eric’s Common 82lb

Ken Dodd Fish 81lb 8oz

Badgers Holt Lake Record 79lb 14oz

Mar Peche Lake Record 71lb 10oz


He’s been fishing for carp since the 60’s, cutting his teeth locally then venturing to pretty much all of the known circuit waters; Yately, Horton, Withy Pool to name few.

He is probably best known for pioneering UK fishing in France for UK anglers, especially his legendary hauls at Lac du Der Chantecoq.

He appeared in several Clean River videos (England and overseas), Carpworld magazine, Carpology magazine and contributed to the B.C.S.G. magazine ‘The Carp’ for over 25 years.

Harry Burr  (Carp Consultant)


“Hi, I’m Harry Burr, 18 years old and a keen all round fisherman.

In the past few years I have progressed to carp fishing on lakes and canals, though I still enjoy catching small roach and dace on the river.

I am adept in many angling methods.

One day I might be float or feeder fishing for small carp on match lakes. The next day I might visit lakes and canals for bigger carp using a variety of rigs and lead setups.

I’ve caught plenty of carp from the local canals and lakes.

I do evenings mostly, and 24hr sessions on weekends .

One of my favourite catches was setting up in the rain for an overnighter, casting to the baited spot just before dark. At about midnight the left hand rod was away for a 28lb common. I rebaited the rod and got a bit of bait in to the swim. At 7.30am the rod was away for a 41.2lb mirror…..perfect!

Ashley Irvine (Carp Consultant)

Born: 1984

Hometown: Sandy Bedfordshire

UK pb: mirror 42.12

UK pb: common 41.7

Occupation: Forklift driver

Current venue’s: Shhhhh!

Past venue’s:
Most of the local club waters around the Bedfordshire area and a few private syndicates in Cambridgeshire.

Favourite venue’s:
A very low stocked Cambs. pit I was on a couple of years ago. And anywhere with a bit of unknown and mystery.

Time spent on the bank:
2 nights a week, maybe more if my good wife will allow it.

Angling history:
I started fishing with my Dad when I was 6 on local pits and small rivers fishing for roach, rudd and perch etc. I remember fishing with my Dad on one occasion on a little lake close to home. I was lucky enough to see a man land a monster fish! Looking back it must have only been 10lb but to a 6 year old boy it might as well have been a 50.

I guess that’s where the whole obsession started for me, but it wasn’t until I was 11 when I got my first chance at fishing for a carp of my own.

A mate of mine had told me about a lake in the middle of a woods that had some monster carp in and no one was alowed to fish it! The lake was about 4 miles from my house so it was a fair ride on the push bike but the long journey had to be done. About a month later I made my first visit to the lake just to see if the myths were true and monster’s were residing there. They certainly were, and believe it or not I actually caught one on my very first trip , a lovely old wildly common of around 10lb. I spent most of my school holidays for the next 3 to 4 years down at the lake ,it was like paradise; just me and the fish. That was me hooked for life,and I still get the same buzz as that 11 year old boy after all these years. I guess that’s what it’s all about enjoying your fishing and not taking it all so seriously.

Most memorable catch:
For me my most memorable catch has got to be when I landed my first 40lb fish in the shape of a 41.7 common! And sharing it with a few very good friends on a very special water. (I was a blubbering mess)

Favourite fishing style:
I love catching carp in anyway,but if I had to choose one style it would have to be off the surface. I probably spend 80% of my fishing time through warmer months hard at it getting burnt to a crisp. I just love the buzz of seeing them take it you can’t beat it.

As most of you will know Browns Angling is one of, if not the best angling stores in the country catering for all angling needs at the best possible prices.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Lee and all the guys at Browns Angling for taking me on as senior carp consultant. It’s a roll I’m really looking forward to and can’t wait to get stuck in.

Graham West (Match Fishing Consultant)

Preston Innovations/Sonubaits consultant, Graham has been match fishing for over 40 years. He started his match fishing career with Luton Angling Club Juniors in 1981. Over the years Graham has gained a huge amount of experience on all types of fishing and venues.

Team achievements include:

  • 4 National Team Winners
  • 3 National Team Runners Up
  • 5 National Team 3rd Placed
  • 10 Winter League Semi Final Qualifiers
  • 6 Angling Times Winter League Finalists
  • 3 Southern Canal League Winners
  • 4 NFA Eastern Region Champions

Individual achievements include:

  • 3 Billy Knott Memorial Festival winner 2004/2012/2013
  • 2005 Division 3 National Individual Champion
  • 2013 Angling Trust Winter League Semi Final Winner
  • 2012 Browns Evening Series Winner

Whether it’s fishing on the canal for 3lb of squat fish, catching 100lb of Carp on a commercial fishery or chucking a 3oz feeder on the Tidal Trent, Graham has a vast knowledge of fishing and techniques.If you ever see Graham in one of our shops and you need some advice about fishing, please do not hesitate to ask him.