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Avid Exodus Pro Rods

Sale! £32.98£64.99

Avid Exodus Pro Rods

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Sale! £32.98£64.99
  • Precision engineering and craftsmanship define the Avid Exodus Pro Rod.
  • Engineered specifically for elite anglers to enhance fishing experiences.
  • Cutting-edge materials ensure unparalleled sensitivity and responsiveness.
  • Versatile design suitable for various fishing environments, from freshwater lakes to saltwater expeditions.
  • Exceptional durability, reinforced for intense angling sessions.
  • Ergonomic comfort prioritized for reduced fatigue and enhanced casting accuracy.

Product Detail

Introducing the Avid Exodus Pro Rod: Precision Craftsmanship for Elite Anglers

Unveiling Excellence

The Avid Exodus Pro Rod epitomizes precision engineering and craftsmanship. We’ve specifically designed it for elite anglers, engineering it to elevate your fishing experience with unprecedented performance and finesse.

Innovative Design

We crafted this rod with cutting-edge materials, boasting unparalleled sensitivity and responsiveness. Additionally, its advanced construction ensures optimal power transfer, enabling anglers to detect even the subtlest bites with remarkable precision.

Performance-driven Construction

It’s built for excellence in various fishing scenarios, featuring a balanced blend of strength, sensitivity, and flexibility. Whether you’re in freshwater lakes or battling trophy fish in saltwater, this rod delivers uncompromising performance.

Exceptional Sensitivity

The Avid Exodus Pro Rod’s exceptional sensitivity lets anglers feel every nibble and movement beneath the water’s surface with unparalleled clarity. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and engineering, it offers unmatched feedback.

Unrivalled Durability

We’ve engineered it to withstand intense angling sessions, designing it with durability in mind. From its reinforced blank to its corrosion-resistant guides, every aspect is engineered to endure the demands of avid anglers.

Ergonomic Comfort

Recognizing the importance of comfort during long hours on the water, it features an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue and enhances casting accuracy. Moreover, its lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures a balanced feel, maintaining control and precision.


In summary, the Avid Exodus Pro Rod represents the pinnacle of fishing rod technology. Offering elite anglers the performance, sensitivity, and durability they demand, it sets a new standard for excellence in fishing gear.

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  • Price £32.98£64.99

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