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Berkley Connect CM70 Mono

Sale! Original price was: £12.98.Current price is: £9.98.

Berkley Connect CM70 Mono

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SKU: FT-BERK-1376986

Sale! Original price was: £12.98.Current price is: £9.98.
  • Dark coloured line
  • Colour: Muddy Brown
  • High-performance co-polymers
  • The most fool proof line you can buy

Product Detail

Berkley Connect CM70 Mono

The struggle to find a top quality mainline which offers you all the performance benefits that you require is very real. Luckily, this is where the team at Berkley has stepped up to the plate, producing this Connect CM70 Mono. This is just one in a trilogy of lines in the Berkley Connect range. Each line in this collection has been designed to counteract a problem countless anglers have faced on the bank, whether that’s the issue of finding a line which sinks quickly, is ultra-malleable, or, in the case of this CM70 Mono, is totally fool proof.

The Berkley Connect CM70 Mono is dark in colour – a colour the team has named Muddy Brown for obvious reasons. As you might expected from a line name like this, this line is ideal for use in any venue where the base of the venue is dark and muddy in colour. This is also an ideal line for use in deeper venues, when the light finds it hard to penetrate right through to the lake bed. This allows the line to turn practically invisible through the water, ensuring that you won’t be spooking even the most nervous of fish.

The Berkley Connect CM70 Mono is constructed from high performance co-polymers. This ensures that this line is able to offer fantastic strength and it is the ideal line choice if you’re aiming to target hard fighting fight. The strength of this line means that it can offer outstanding shock resistance so, even if you get a fast and aggressive take, you never have to worry about your line breaking or snapping – losing you both your fish and your rig. In fact, this line has been designed with heavy duty carp fishing in mind and it is the perfect tool to use when you’re targeting both the UK’s and Europe’s largest carp species. In order to ensure that you’re always able to target a whole range of fish, this line is available in a variety of breaking strains. The lightest strain of this line is 12lbs, which is approximately 0.34mm in diameter. The line strain then increases through 15lbs and 18lbs, right up to the heaviest breaking strain of 20lbs, or 0.45mm diameter. These four line strains cover the vast majority of large UK carp fishing and they are designed to ensure that you can bring in a whole range of the UK’s largest fish.

What’s more, this Berkley Connect CM70 Mono is also exceptionally abrasion resistant. Friction wearing down patches on your line is one of the biggest causes of line failure out there. In fact, you can have the strongest line in the world but if it isn’t abrasion resistant then it won’t last you five minutes on the bank. Fishing line undergoes friction at every stage of the angling process, whether that is when you’re reeling in (running the line through the line guides) or casting out (with the line whipping off the reel). Although you can invest in carp rods with low friction guides and reels with low friction spool lips, eliminating all friction in these scenarios is impossible. However, with a line that offers this kind of abrasion resistance, you can be confident that it won’t let you down when you need it the most and it significantly reduces your chances of line failure in intense carp fishing scenarios.

If you’re looking for a high quality dark line for all your big fish carp angling then you need look no further; this Berkley Connect CM70 Mono is the perfect choice for you and it forms an excellent addition to the Berkley Connect series.



  • cm70: 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb,

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  • Price Original price was: £12.98.Current price is: £9.98.

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