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Catmaster Tackle Fish Oil 500ml


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Catmaster Tackle Fish Oil 500ml

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Dive into angling success with Catmaster Tackle’s Pure Fish Oil!

Infuse your bait with irresistible allure.

Perfect for pellets and boilies, free from artificial additives.

Upgrade your game now!

1 in stock

Product Detail

Introducing Pure Fish Oil by Catmaster Tackle: Elevate Your Baiting Game

  • Enhance the attractiveness of pellets with pure fish oil.
  • Ideal additive for boosting the appeal of boilies.
  • Contains no artificial colorings or preservatives for a natural approach.
  • PVA friendly, ensuring compatibility with various baiting methods.
  • Elevate your bait’s effectiveness and increase your chances of success.
  • Upgrade your angling arsenal with this premium bait enhancer from Catmaster Tackle.


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