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CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml


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CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml

Out of stock

SKU: FT-CM-90631

  • CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml: Liquid sweetener for freshwater fishing bait attraction.
  • Unparalleled attraction power: Infused with potent natural sweeteners to stimulate feeding instincts.
  • Versatile application: Seamlessly integrates into various bait types for surface, bottom, or mid-water fishing.
  • Enhanced palatability and digestibility: Appeals to fish taste buds and ensures efficient metabolism.
  • Long-lasting performance: Maintains effectiveness in challenging conditions for sustained fish attraction.

Out of stock

Product Detail

CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml

CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml is a liquid sweetener crafted to enhance bait attraction in freshwater fishing. Renowned for its high-quality fishing baits and additives, CC Moore developed Aquasweet 50ml with the aim of drawing fish to bait and increasing catch rates.

Unparralleled Attraction 

Aquasweet 50ml boasts exceptional attraction power, making it an indispensable tool for maximizing fishing success. Infused with potent natural sweeteners, this liquid additive releases an enticing aroma and taste into the water, thereby stimulating the feeding instincts of target fish species.

Versatile Application

Aquasweet 50ml offers versatile application across various fishing scenarios. Whether anglers are using boilies, pellets, particles, or groundbait, they can seamlessly integrate this liquid sweetener into bait mixes, ensuring uniform coverage and consistent attraction levels. Moreover, it is effective for surface fishing, bottom fishing, or mid-water presentations.

Enhanced Palatability and Digestibility

Aquasweet 50ml enhances bait’s palatability and digestibility, thereby increasing its effectiveness. The natural sugars and flavor compounds appeal to fish taste buds, encouraging them to consume bait eagerly. Additionally, its easily digestible nature ensures efficient metabolism, leading to more confident bites and reduced rejection.

Long-lasting Performance

Designed for long-lasting performance, Aquasweet 50ml maintains its effectiveness over extended periods. Its potent formula resists dilution and dispersal in water, ensuring continued attraction even in challenging conditions. Whether fishing in fast-flowing rivers, weedy lakes, or heavily pressured venues, anglers can rely on Aquasweet 50ml to draw fish consistently.


In summary, CC Moore Aquasweet 50ml is a game-changing liquid sweetener offering unmatched attraction power, versatility, and performance. With its ability to enhance bait’s appeal, palatability, and digestibility, this innovative additive is essential for anglers aiming to elevate their fishing game and achieve their desired catches.


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