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CC Moore Pacific Tuna White Pop Ups 14mm


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CC Moore Pacific Tuna White Pop Ups 14mm

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SKU: FT-CM-90129

  • Premium Quality: Hand-rolled to perfection, ensuring consistent quality and effectiveness.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of rig setups, offering flexibility in bait presentation.
  • Long-lasting: Durable tough skin enables them to remain buoyant and attractive for extended periods.
  • Confidence in Performance: Developed through rigorous testing and proven to deliver results in diverse fishing conditions.
  • Target Big Fish: Specifically formulated to target large specimen fish, making them ideal for anglers targeting big carp.
  • Complete Bait Solution: Combine with other products in the Pacific Tuna Boilie Range for a comprehensive baiting approach.

1 in stock

Product Detail

Introducing CC Moore Pacific Tuna White Pop Ups, the result of a meticulous 3-year product development program. These buoyant 14mm air ball pop ups boast several enticing properties:

– Perfected Formula: Crafted from a blend of soluble fish, milk, and vegetable proteins infused with powerful natural appetite stimulants, ensuring year-round effectiveness.

– Perfect Complement: Designed to perfectly complement CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna Boilies and other products in the Pacific Tuna Boilie Range.

– Buoyant and Durable: These pop ups feature a tough skin that lasts for over 24 hours, making them suitable for various rig setups including Chod and Hinged Stiff Rigs.

– Maximum Visual Attraction: Vividly white in color, these pop ups offer maximum visual attraction to target even the most discerning fish.

– Liquid Attractors: Infused with the same liquid attractors as Pacific Tuna Boilies, enhancing their appeal to fish.

– Enhanced Flavor: Their ideal texture allows for easy coating with the matching booster liquid, maximizing flavor and attractor leakage.


With 35 baits per pack, CC Moore Pacific Tuna White Pop Ups are a must-have addition to any angler’s bait arsenal, promising irresistible attraction and exceptional performance on the bank.


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