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CC Moore Roasted Nut Compound


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CC Moore Roasted Nut Compound

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This smooth-tasting natural nut extract is an extremely effective liquid additive that is designed to be applied to baits of numerous differ

Out of stock

Product Detail

CC Moore Roasted Nut Compound 500ml

Roasted Nut Compound is a unique product which is exclusively produced for CC Moore & Co Ltd

This smooth-tasting natural nut extract is an extremely effective liquid additive that is designed to be applied to baits of numerous different forms in order to enhance their year round attraction properties.

With its deep, roasted nut aroma and creamy-sweet nut taste, Roasted Nut Compound also has a valuable nutrient profile that delivers natural sugars, starch, oils and proteins to stimulate fish to feed in search of their varying essential nutrient requirements at different stages of their yearly cycle.

Roasted Nut Compound is a thick paste-type liquid which is ideal for inclusion in boilie mixes where a subtle, natural nut profile is required. It is particularly outstanding for use within milk, bird food and, of course, nut mixes and will add an appetising taste that creates a unique and powerful ?natural label? in your bait. This ?label? has proven to be a vital point of recognition for fish and encourages them to feed on your bait time and time again – even in cool water when the oils it delivers act as a concentrated and valuable energy source.

How should I use this liquid?

    • Boilie MixesThis natural nut liquid is ideal for year-round use within boilie mixes. Pour Roasted Nut Compound into your boilies liquid mix and stir thoroughly prior to adding your base mix to make the paste. This liquid is a natural product so has no limit to its inclusion but may affect the binding properties of your mix if included at high levels and your mix’s oil content is already high.


    • Spod and Particle MixesAdd at the mixing stage and allow to soak in for as long as possible. Roasted Nut Compound will soak into the particles of your mix and form a highly attractive cloud that will disperse to all layers, with its oils helping pull fish into your bait area.

      Use at up to 30ml/kg


    • Bag and Stick MixesThis product will not melt PVA so can also be used as an additive for PVA stick and bag mixes. Use as required.


  • Boilie SoakSimply mix 25% Roasted Nut Compound and 75% hot water and pour it on your baits prior to using them. You can then either allow the liquid to soak into the baits or freeze them and allow the freezing process to draw in the natural oils and feeding triggers before using them at a later date.

Important Allergy Information:

Roasted Nut Compound contains products derived tiger nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, brazil nuts and may contain traces of other nuts.



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