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Century Stealth S50 Rods


Century Stealth S50 Rods

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Century Stealth S50 Rods (Pre-order estimated 3 week turnaround)

Is there a carp rod on the market crammed with as many premium features as the new Century SGR (Stealth Graphene Reinforced)

Product Detail

Century Stealth S50 Rods (Pre-order estimated 3 week turnaround)

Is there a carp rod on the market crammed with as many premium features as the new Century SGR (Stealth Graphene Reinforced). This rod series you get it all in one package, whether it is; Graphene reinforced matrix system, Autoclave Technology, Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology, Titanium Gunsmoke guides, Ultralight blank in each of its respective test curves.

Graphene Reinforced
Century have developed a bespoke combination of the resin matrix and Graphene. The resin matrix carries the loadings generated on the rod by casting and playing and when fortified by Graphene creates resilience and toughness. When properly incorporated in the resin system it has the capacity to Increase resilience far more effectively than one-dimensional (e.g. nanotube) and zero-dimensional (e.g. nanoparticle) fortifiers so we can make rods lighter with high strength and toughness you expect of a Century carp rod.

Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology (Gen 2 AT-T)?
The new technology used in the construction of the blank is highly innovative. Using our propriety Graphene material to help create Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology in the tip section. The Generation 2 AT-T resists this angular acceleration by the insertion of fibres at varying angles within the wall of the rod. The result is a vast increase in resistance to torsional load and overall twisting or cork screwing in the tip section. This is a huge cause of inaccuracy especially when casting longer distances and more often than not the main culprit for poor guide alignment and unwanted increases in line friction.

Guide options
There are two choices of guides with the Stealth rod. At a slightly lower price point we have a lightweight black steel ringing option which again offers a reduction in weight over Century standard steel guides. The Titanium Gunsmoke is our real favourite though and the guide most admired by anglers when choosing this premium rod series. After months of testing we have managed to have our classic Century SiC guides manufactured from PVD coated black Titanium frame which gives them a stunning gun smoke finish and flexes better with the blank during compression and fish playing while saving weight from the rod.


  • 12′ 3.25lb – Still a playing biased light weight carp rod but compared to the above rods this starts to offer an element of all round multi venue ability. Offers casting power similar to that of a C2 12’ 3.50lb if referencing against other Century rods.
  • 12′ 3.50lb – All rounder. We have to be honest the fish playing ability will drop vs the above lower test curve models but it makes up for that loss with giving you a true all rounder with that sweet spot combination of casting distances when needed and fish playing. True carp rod for 90% of scenarios. The casting power is similar to ADV 12’ 3.50lb.




  • Options: 1479, 1480,

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