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Cobb Cobblestone


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Cobb Cobblestone

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Safe and economical, Complete ignition of Cobblestone in 2 minutes, Ready to cook in 5 minutes, Built in firelighter

26 in stock

Product Detail

Cobb Cobblestone


Cobb Cobblestone – One Cobblestone gives up to 2 hours cooking time if used in a Cobb



  • Safe and economical
  • Complete ignition of in 2 minutes
  • Ready to cook in 5 minutes
  • Built in firelighter
  • Made from coconut husk
  • One gives up to 2 hours cooking time if used in a Cobb
  • Burns hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal
  • After 2 minutes of ignition is smoke free


  • Carbon Monoxide hazard
  • Never ignite and use indoors
  • Store in a cool dry space away from other inflammable products
  • Use at a safe distance from inflammable products
  • After cooking remove the dome and grill plate to allow the Cobblestone to burn out away from children & animals
  • Be sure the ashes are completely burnt out before discarding in refuse bin away from children & animals


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