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Drennan Super Stops


Drennan Super Stops

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  • Secure bait with confidence using premium-quality Drennan Super Stops.
  • Versatile design perfect for hair rigging, pellet banding, and more.
  • Discreet profile ensures minimal disturbance to your fishing presentation.
  • Trusted by anglers for unbeatable strength and reliability on the water.

Product Detail

Drennan Super Stops – the ultimate solution for securing your bait with confidence and precision. Crafted with anglers in mind, these high-quality stops are designed to streamline your fishing experience, giving you the reliability you need on the water.

Engineered by Drennan, a trusted name in the fishing industry, these Super Stops are meticulously crafted to ensure durability and effectiveness. Made from premium materials, they offer unbeatable strength and resilience, holding your bait securely in place throughout your angling adventures.

The versatility of the Drennan Super Stops is unmatched. Whether you’re targeting coarse fish, carp, or any other species, these stops provide the perfect solution for hair rigging, pellet banding, or attaching other baits with ease. Their innovative design allows for quick and hassle-free application, saving you valuable time on the bank.

With their discreet profile and reliable performance, these stops blend seamlessly into your rig setup, minimizing any disturbance to your fishing presentation. Whether you’re fishing in still waters or fast-flowing rivers, you can trust the Drennan Super Stops to deliver consistent results, time after time.

Upgrade your angling arsenal with the Drennan Super Stops and experience the difference for yourself. Enhance your bait presentation, increase your catch rate, and take your fishing to new heights with these essential accessories from Drennan.


With the convenience of just one stop per wire loop they are available in:
Small – 5mm x 1.5mm
Medium – 6mm x 2mm
Large – 7mm x 2.5mm




  • Options: 1858, 1839, 1379,

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  • Price £1.94

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