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Enterprise Pop Up Fluoro Sweetcorn

Sale! £1.00

Enterprise Pop Up Fluoro Sweetcorn

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Sale! £1.00

Pop-up-Sweetcorn is a buoyant rubber imitation grain of corn.

Product Detail

Enterprise Pop Up Fluoro Sweetcorn


It is soft enough to be used on the hook if desired, but is best when used on a hair rig along with real grains of corn, of a corresponding colour. Individual grains vary slightly in buoyancy, to allow a bait to be either critically balanced or popped up, depending upon the size and quantity of grains used. As a guide, 1 grain will just pop up 2 real grains of corn on a size 10 specimen type hook.

It is available in yellow, orange, red and black, 10 grains per pack

One grain of Pop-up corn with one real grain on the hair and another real grain on a size 10 Super Specialist hook.



  • Chosen Colour: 132, 133, 70, 71,

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