Enterprise Pop Up Pellets 14/18mm

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A buoyant imitation pellet, soft enough to use on the hook or Pop Up Pellet in usehair rig.... Read more.


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About this product

They contain real fish oil and shellfish flavour and are resistant to the attentions of nuisance species including Crayfish.

Can be used on a hair in combination with real pellets, or on their own, when fished over a bed of real pellets. As a guide: 1 pellet will pop up a size 6 Carp hook.

Available in:
10mm packs – 5 pellets.
6mm packs – 8 per pack

Mixed pack of 14 and 18mm – 2 of each – These pellets include a hole in one side enabling weight to be added, to create a critically balanced or sinking bait.

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