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ESP Barbless Trig-Hammer XT


ESP Barbless Trig-Hammer XT

In stock

  • Barbless version
  • Stepped up version of the highly successful Trig-Hammer hooks
  • Stronger in the wire but maintained ultra sharp needle points
  • Ideal for Ronnie / Spinner style rigs, but also for bottom bait and wafters.

Product Detail

ESP Barbless Trig-Hammer XT


Prepare to revolutionize your carp fishing adventures with our Barbless Trig Hammer XT Hooks, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance on the water. Crafted with precision and innovation, these hooks are designed to empower anglers with the edge they need to land trophy carp with confidence and finesse.

Effortless Penetration, Secure Hold: Featuring our signature trig hammer design, these barbless hooks ensure swift and effortless penetration while providing a secure hold on even the most elusive carp. Say goodbye to barbed hooks and hello to seamless releases without compromising on performance.

Unrivaled Strength, Reliable Durability: Crafted from top-quality materials, our Barbless Trig Hammer XT Hooks are built to withstand the toughest fishing conditions, ensuring they maintain their strength and durability over countless casts and retrieves. Fish with peace of mind knowing your gear can handle whatever the water throws your way.

Adaptable to Any Fishing Scenario: Versatility is key, which is why our barbless hooks are designed to excel in a variety of fishing scenarios. Whether you prefer bottom bait, pop-up rigs, or chod setups, these hooks offer the flexibility to adapt to your preferred fishing techniques with ease and efficiency.

Streamlined Design for Stealthy Presentation: With a sleek and streamlined profile, our Barbless Trig Hammer XT Hooks minimize visibility underwater, ensuring they blend seamlessly into the natural environment. This stealthy design element helps reduce the risk of spooking wary carp, increasing your chances of enticing even the most cautious fish to take the bait.

Experience the difference that Barbless Trig Hammer XT Hooks can make in your carp fishing pursuits. Browse our collection now and equip yourself with the ultimate edge for conquering the waters and landing trophy carp like never before.



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