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Gardner Covert Lead Clips


Gardner Covert Lead Clips

In stock

  • Supplied with 12 clips per packet.

Product Detail

Gardner Covert Lead Clips

  • They are designed so that a size 8 swivel clicks securely into place inside the front barrel of the lead clip.
  • During the design phase and then testing it became apparent that having a ribbed lead retaining arm combined with a smooth barrel (for the Tail Rubber to sit on) actually allowed anglers to precisely fine tune the pressure/force required to eject the lead from the clip.
  • Our tests indicated that lead clips with fully ribbed barrels could fail to release the lead when needed because they created to much grip when the tail rubber was rammed on.
  • The fine tuning of the Covert Lead Clip system was further enhanced by improvements we applied to the design of dedicated Covert Tail Rubbers.
  • No other lead clip offers such consistent and controlled lead retention/ejection; and this makes the Covert Lead an invaluable tool for anglers fishing a range of venues.
  • Covert Lead Clips are available in a range Low-viz camo colours, including Solid or C-Thru Green & Brown, plus a C-Thru Silt colour to match the rest of the Covert range.
  • Supplied with 12 clips per packet.

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  • Gardner Covert Lead Clips: Covert Lead Clip Green, Covert Lead Clip Brown, Covert Lead Clip C-Thru Green, Covert Lead Clip C-Thru Brown,

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