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Gardner – Pva Booms


Gardner – Pva Booms

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  • sealing it in prior to casting by pinching the ends

Product Detail

Gardner – Pva Booms

These versatile dissolving PVA ‘straws’ have been manufactured for specialist carp and coarse anglers to use as a foolproof means of avoiding rig tangles.

Whether your rigs are being cast out or dropped from a boat, the hooklink can be threaded into a PVA Boom to offer exacting control and guaranteed tangle free presentation.

This is particularly useful when using soft, supple, tangle prone hooklink materials. Also in circumstances when rigs will be positioned for extended periods of time and you need to KNOW they are set correctly with absolute confidence that they will not be tangled.

PVA Booms are available in three lengths, and they can be trimmed down to match the length of individual rigs perfectly.

Shorter sections can also be used on the hook, pushed down the hooklink and over the hook eye to trap hairs in place. This is to ensure the hair cannot tangle during the cast or wrap around the hook shank. An important consideration if you’re using rigs that maximise bait separation (like the KD), as twisted hairs can cause hook pulls.

Another use for these dissolving straws is as a carrier for PVA friendly liquids, to create a focused point of attraction. This is done by injecting attractor blends, based on heavy liquid products like Aminol/L-Zero 30 or similar (amino based attractors) into the PVA Boom, and then sealing it in prior to casting by pinching the ends. Then as the PVA Boom dissolves, the liquid will be released, permeating the lake bed around the rig and keep fish feeding close to the hook bait for longer periods of time. This means the hook bait is much more likely to be sampled.

Trimmed down sections can be used to trap supple hairs to avoid them twisting/tangling.
Inject PVA friendly attractors down the tube to create focused feeding around the hookbait.
Available in 3 sizes; 10cm (100mm), 20cm (200mm) and 30cm (300mm).
3mm I/D straws.

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  • Gardner - Pva Booms: Short 100mm, Medium 200mm, Long 300mm,

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