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Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Match Pack


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Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Match Pack

In stock

  • Guru Performance Point Alignment System
  • Super Glide Paint Finish
  • Friction Free Matt Tape Finish
  • True Extensions

1 in stock

Product Detail

Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Match Pack

The Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Match Pack is an innovation in angling that captures the balance between affordability and quality performance. Building on the legacy of the A-Class range, this pole represents a unique blend of design, craftsmanship, and robustness that caters to the needs of both novice and seasoned anglers.

Key Features:

ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction: Crafted with the unique Zero 400 Tensile Carbon, this pole offers unparalleled durability and stability. The high tensile strength of this carbon ensures the perfect balance of resilience and responsiveness, vital for various fishing situations.

Guru Performance Point Alignment System: Enhanced stiffness and performance are achieved through this innovative alignment system. By aligning the points, the spine of the carbon becomes stiffer, ensuring optimum pole performance. A feature that distinguishes the A-Class pole range.

Super Glide Paint Finish and Friction Free Matt Tape Finish: The application of super glide paint on the butt sections and a friction-free matt tape finish on the thinner sections markedly improves speed and efficiency. These finishes facilitate smooth handling even in challenging, wet conditions.

True Extensions: The True Extensions, a feature transitioned from the flagship Aventus pole range, provide exact stated lengths. Made with quality carbon and reinforced end sections, these extensions ensure added durability.

UK Manufactured PTFE Bushes and Carbon Wrapped to Fit Pulla Bushes: Fitted with precision, these bushes and carbon wrap make the poles ready to fish and enhance the overall functionality of the A-Class range.

A-CLASS 13.0m Match Pack (1180g): The 13.0m A-Class pole is the longest in the range, offering stiff responsive action essential for longer-length pole fishing. Supplied with two True Extensions at 11.5M and 13.0M, it allows improved accuracy and versatility.

Match and Power Pack Options: These packs offer anglers the ability to tailor the pole to suit their specific fishing style, making it a versatile tool for various angling adventures.

Specifications and Inclusions:

13.0m Pole (Supplied with 3.5mm Generic Match Kit)
13m True Extension
11.5m True Extension
2 x 3.9m Generic 3.5mm Match Kit
1 x Generic Cupping Kit
Supplied in clear PVC tubes with orange Guru branded caps

The Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Match Pack reflects a commitment to versatility, efficiency, and affordability. It serves as a valuable asset to anglers seeking an affordable yet reliable range of tackle. From the innovative carbon construction to the thoughtful finishes and extensions, every element is designed with the angler in mind. Whether you’re fishing at the margin or exploring the 13m range, this pole offers a reliable solution, wrapped in a package that promises quality and performance.

  • ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction
  • Guru Performance Point Alignment System
  • Super Glide Paint Finish
  • Friction Free Matt Tape Finish
  • True Extensions
  • UK Manufactured PTFE Bushes
  • Carbon Wrapped to Fit Pulla Bushes

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