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Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Power Pack


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Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Power Pack

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  • Friction Free Matt Tape Finish
  • True Extensions
  • UK Manufactured PTFE Bushes
  • Carbon Wrapped to Fit Pulla Bushes

1 in stock

Product Detail

Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Power Pack

The Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Power Pack has been meticulously crafted for anglers who demand quality performance and adaptability. With a well-received reception from its release last year, this range, including poles from 5.5m to 13m, is tailored to cover a broad spectrum of fishing situations.

Construction and Design:

Made with the robust ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction, the A-Class pole delivers exceptional durability while maintaining quality performance. Its unique blend of carbon ensures a perfect equilibrium between strength and responsiveness, ideal for various fishing challenges.

Finish and Efficiency:

The A-Class pole range features a Super Glide Paint Finish on the butt sections and a Friction Free Matt Tape Finish on the thinner sections. These finishes are meticulously combined to significantly enhance speed and efficiency, providing smooth operation even during damp or sticky conditions.

Alignment and Performance:

Equipped with the Guru Performance Point Alignment System, the A-Class range offers superior stiffness. Once the points are aligned, the spine of the carbon stiffens, ensuring optimal pole performance. This is vital for anglers looking for precision in their angling experience.

True Extensions:

A standout feature in the A-Class range is the True Extensions. These extensions, also seen in the flagship Aventus pole range, take the poles to the exact stated length, offering increased accuracy and durability. These are made with the same quality carbon construction and reinforced end sections, so you can trust their reliability.

UK Manufactured Bushes and Carbon Wrap:

Attention to detail doesn’t end here. The addition of perfectly placed carbon wrap for side bush assembly and fitted UK Manufactured PTFE bushes complete the A-Class pole, making it ready to fish right out of the box.

A-CLASS 13.0m Power Pack:
Weighing at 1180g, the 13.0m A-Class is the longest pole in this range. It not only packs a robust punch but also provides a stiff, responsive action. This length is perfect for those requiring that extra reach. Two True Extensions at 11.5m and 13.0m add to the pole’s versatility, and you can choose between a Match and Power pack to align perfectly with your fishing style.

13.0m Pole Includes:

13m True Extension
11.5m True Extension
1 x 4.7mm Generic Match Power Kit
2 x 5.8mm Generic Carp Power Kit
1 x Generic Cupping Kit
Supplied in clear PVC tubes with orange Guru branded caps

The Guru A-Class 13m Pole – Power Pack is an embodiment of innovation and functionality. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, this range offers an affordable solution without compromising the quality and performance that today’s anglers expect. The thoughtful design, from the carbon construction to the precise alignment system, makes it a valuable addition to any fishing gear collection.

  • ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction
  • Guru Performance Point Alignment System
  • Super Glide Paint Finish
  • Friction Free Matt Tape Finish
  • True Extensions
  • UK Manufactured PTFE Bushes
  • Carbon Wrapped to Fit Pulla Bushes

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