Guru Inline Plummets

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?Unique inline plummets that allow for precise plumbing when float fishing
?Available in five sizes, 10g, 20g, 30g, 45g & 60g
?Two per pack

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Guru Inline Plummets

?Unique inline plummets that allow for precise plumbing when float fishing
?Available in five sizes, 10g, 20g ,30g, 45g and 60g
?Two per pack
?Cylindrical latex section allows the plummet to be secured to the rig without damaging the hook point
Guru Inline Plummets feature a unique design for unrivalled accuracy when feature and depth finding.

Available in five sizes ? 10g, 20g, 30g, 45g and 60g ? the plummets are designed so the line goes straight through the middle of the plummet?s axis, allowing anglers to find the depth with millimetre accuracy.

Traditional plummets are designed so the line goes round the outside of the plummet, but the line isn?t straight up to the float and isn?t a true reflection of the exact depth. This new design also protects the line from contacting damaging debris on the bottom.

The three plummets feature the same hardwearing finish first seen on the Hybrid feeder range and a soft, cylindrical latex section to place the hook into. The absence of a cork or foam cylinder on the bottom of the plummet also gives more ?feel? when trying to find different bottom types; gravel, silt etc.

The five weights cover a wide variety of angling situations, from delicate far-margin plumbing on commercials with the 10g model to deeper venues and running water with the larger sizes.

Guru brand manager Adam Rooney explained: ?The Gurus have long thought the traditional design of plummet could be improved upon, and we?ve done just that with this design. Anglers can now plumb the depth and know that the measurement is extremely accurate with the line-through set-up and the orange latex section will last for a long time, unlike the cork inserts used in traditional plummets.??

?Finding the depth accurately has become more and more important for effectively targeting species such as carp, F1s and silvers when setting rigs to dead depth or just off the deck, and our Guru anglers have been raving about the design since we started testing.??

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