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Kiana Carp Corn Twist Smoke Goo


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Kiana Carp Corn Twist Smoke Goo

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Kiana Carp Corn Twist Smoke Goo – This is an extremely sweet, sticky Goo with that unmistakable sweetcorn scent.

1 in stock

Product Detail

Kiana Carp Corn Twist Smoke Goo


Kiana Carp Corn Twist Smoke Goo – This is an extremely sweet, sticky Goo with that unmistakable sweetcorn scent. It’s not just restricted to use with hook baits, you can add it to ground baits, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies. It lends itself brilliantly to zig spod mixes, it can be used in combinations on hook baits but does very well when combined with loose feed.

All carp love the taste of sweetcorn, and this Goo is more subtle, both in terms of taste and colour, than some of the other ones in the range. It is one of the original Goo range that we released and is still just as popular today. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for use in any fishing situation. The Goo Smokes/Power Smokes are of a thicker viscosity and are designed for use on the outside of your bait. Due to their consistency they can be applied directly to the outside hookbaits, Funnelweb PVA bags, Method feeders, floaters, or similar, and will stay on during the cast. They can also be dried onto the outside of your hookbaits – including those already soaked in a thinner Supreme Goo – to create a ‘bon bon’ effect, and can even be applied to your freebies, although if doing so then you will want a stronger smelling Goo on your hookbait to make it stand out. The Smokes do vary in viscosity, and some of the really thick ones are best used in warmer water where they are able to disperse properly and create a cloud of attraction. They can also be added to spod mixes and groundbait, to increase attraction and create a cloud going down through the water column. It can be used on its own or in combination with other Goo to create your own unique smell/taste/colour profile. Each bottle contains 115ml and has a nozzle for easy application – including into PVA bags – and to prevent spillages, with a screw top.


Key features

  • Give your bait a boost
  • Add to hookbaits, PVA bags, spod mix, groundbait
  • Nozzle for easy application
  • Wide range of flavours and colours


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