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Kiana Carp Spicy Squid Supreme Goo


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Kiana Carp Spicy Squid Supreme Goo

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The Kiana Carp Spicy Squid Supreme Goo is sweet and strong, with a distinctive smell which has been one of our best Carp catchers in Europe.

11 in stock

Product Detail

Kiana Carp Spicy Squid Supreme Goo


The Kiana Carp Spicy Squid Supreme Goo is very sweet and very strong, with a distinctive smell which has been one of our very best Carp catchers in Europe over the last few years.

It has accounted for some humongous captures and is often referred to as a game changer when the bites seem hard to come by.

With this being a Supreme the thinner viscosity lends itself perfectly as a hook bait soak, penetrating right to the core and leeching that carp pulling power out for hours and hours.

Squid is one of those flavours that has been a proven fish catcher over many years, and whether you are fishing a hard, low-stock venue, or somewhere far more prolific, this will give your hookbaits an edge and take them to another level. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for use in any fishing situation. Any Goo that is in the Supreme/Bait Smoke range is of a much thinner consistency than the Smokes/Power Smokes, and is designed to penetrate right into the core of a bait if soaked in it for long enough. This means that it gives off attraction for far longer, with the Goo continuously leaking out of the hookbait for many hours after it has been cast out. It is very soluble, even in colder water, and as well as giving off attraction via flavour/smell, it also produces a cloud of colour giving a ‘halo’ effect around your hookbait.It works well when hookbaits have been soaked in it over a longer period of time to allow the Goo to soak right into them, and our Infuza tubs are perfect for this. It can be used on its own or in combination with other Goo to create your own unique smell/taste/colour profile. Each bottle contains 115ml and has a nozzle for easy application and to prevent spillages, with a screw top.


Key features

  • Give your bait a boost
  • Add to hookbaits, PVA bags, spod mix, groundbait
  • Nozzle for easy application
  • Wide range of flavours and colours


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