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Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing


Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing

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Korda Dark Matter Tubing has been developed to take tungsten tubing to the next level

Product Detail

<p>When it comes to innovative rig-concealment solutions, Korda is the undisputed market leader. So, it was only a matter of time before we launched our own tungsten tubing and rig putty &ndash; both of which we know will help get your end tackle pinned down tighter to the deck. In typical Korda fashion, we haven&rsquo;t released a range of &lsquo;me too&rsquo; products that are no better or worse than those currently available &ndash; in each area we&rsquo;ve set a new benchmark.</p>



  • Chosen Colour: 149, 150, 151,

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  • Price £5.50

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