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Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit


Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit

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Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit This new conversion pack allows the system
to be used on dark matter or rig tube

Product Detail

Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit

The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit enables you to overcome Leadcore and Leaders bans by allowing you to fish a helicopter style of rig using rig tubing. This conversion kit allows the Heli-Safe System to be used on Dark Matter or Kamo rig tube whilst retaining all of the usual features of a traditional helicopter set-up PLUS giving you the ability to drop the lead if you need to.
An update to the original version launched back in 2018 – The tungsten bead has now been replaced with a silicone sleeve combined with Korda’s brilliant No Trace Beads.




  • Colour: 1157, 515,

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