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Korda – Naked Chod System


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Korda – Naked Chod System

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The Korda – Naked Chod System, fished directly on your main line, is an effective set-up as your hookbait will always be well presented.

9 in stock

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Korda – Naked Chod System

The Korda – Naked Chod System, fished directly on your main line, is an incredibly effective set-up, especially when you don’t want to disturb fish already in front of you, but can’t be sure that it is clear on the bottom, as your hookbait will always be presented in a way that it can be taken by a carp, even if it lands on weed. It is less obtrusive than one involving a leader, and is also the perfect choice on waters where leaders are banned. The Naked Chod Safety System is the perfect – not to mention very simple – way to set this up quickly and efficiently and contains all of the components you need, apart from a Size 11 Ring Swivel or Size 11 QC Ring Swivel. The system comprises of a Rubber Barrel Bead, which goes closest to the lead, and then your Ring swivel is sandwiched between that and a Chod Sleeve – with both components being supplied on a wire retainer which makes it very easy to thread them onto your line, which they will then grip and remain in place at whatever distance you set them above your lead (depending on the type of debris you are fishing over). The Ring Swivel is prevented from sliding up the line beyond the Chod Sleeve once a hard plastic No Trace Bead is fitted to that. Should your main line break above the Chod Sleeve, then the No Trace Bead – which has a slit in the side of it – easily pops off of it and falls off of your line, allowing the Ring Swivel to come free, and the fish is left with just the hook link. Each Naked Chod Safety System includes: 3 x Chod Sleeves; 3 x Barrel Beads; and 12 x No Trace Beads. Spare No Trace Beads are also available and are sold in packs of 25.


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