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Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars

Sale! £19.98£32.99

Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars

In stock


Sale! £19.98£32.99
  • Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars: Revolutionary carp fishing tech
  • High-grade aluminum construction ensures durability and stability
  • Accommodates three rods for versatile angling options
  • Adjustable width settings for customized rod positioning
  • Effortless setup and takedown with central screw thread design
  • Sleek and stylish finish adds elegance to your angling setup

Product Detail

Introducing Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars: Elevating Your Carp Fishing Setup

Innovative Design

Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars herald a new era in carp fishing technology. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative design features, they offer unmatched stability and versatility on the bank.

Robust Construction

Crafted from high-grade aluminum, these buzzbars are engineered to withstand the demands of carp fishing. Furthermore, their sturdy construction ensures maximum stability, providing anglers with a reliable platform for their rods even in the most challenging conditions.

Three-Rod Capacity

Tailored to accommodate three rods, this product offers anglers the flexibility to fish multiple rods simultaneously. Whether you prefer a rod pod or banksticks, these buzzbars deliver a secure and stable foundation for your carp fishing setup.

Adjustable Width

Moreover, the Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars feature adjustable width settings, allowing anglers to customize the setup to their preferences. Whether fishing with standard or wide-spaced rod setups, these buzzbars can be easily adjusted for optimal rod positioning and maximum bite detection.

Easy Setup and Takedown

With their simple and intuitive design, this product is effortless to set up and take down. Additionally, the central screw thread facilitates seamless attachment to banksticks or rod pods, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience.

Stylish Finish

In addition to their practical features, these buzzbars boast a sleek and stylish finish that complements any carp fishing setup. Whether o +n a picturesque lake or rugged riverbank, these buzzbars add a touch of elegance to your angling adventures.


In conclusion, these buzzbars are the ultimate choice for carp anglers seeking top-tier fishing gear. With their innovative design, robust construction, three-rod capacity, adjustable width, easy setup and takedown, and stylish finish, these buzzbars provide everything ne eded to elevate your carp fishing setup. Upgrade your angling arsenal today and experience the difference with Korda Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbars.

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  • Price £19.98£32.99

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