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Korum Opportunist X Series Rods


Korum Opportunist X Series Rods

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  • Korum Opportunist X Series Rods: Engineered for precision in targeting big fish.
  • High-modulus carbon blanks and Minima guides ensure smooth line management.
  • Slim cork handles provide ergonomic grip, while anti-frap tip guides minimize tangles.
  • XTND models offer telescopic butt sections for enhanced versatility.
  • Range includes options for various fishing scenarios, from versatile to heavy-duty.

Product Detail

Embrace the Opportunist Style with Korum Opportunist X Series Rods

Designed for Big Fish Hunting:

Anglers who prioritize opportunistic fishing find the Korum Opportunist X Series Rods their top choice for targeting big fish. Engineered for exceptional performance, whether on running water or stillwaters.

High-Modulus Carbon Blanks and Minima Guides:

Featuring high-modulus carbon blanks, these rods offer the perfect balance of power and sensitivity. Coupled with Minima guides, they ensure smooth line management and enhance casting distance.

Slim Cork Handles and Anti-Frap Tip Guides:

Crafted with slim cork handles, the Opportunist X rods provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip for long fishing sessions. Anti-frap tip guides minimize line tangles and ensure seamless casting performance.

XTND Models for Versatile Angling:

The XTND models offer extended versatility with telescopic butt sections. These 10′ rods easily transform into compact packages, ideal for anglers on the move. Whether targeting various species or specific fishing scenarios, the XTND rods deliver unmatched flexibility.

Range of Options for Every Angler:

The Korum Opportunist X Series offers a range of options to suit every angler’s preferences and fishing style:

  • 8′ Opportunist X Quiver: Perfect for versatile fishing applications, supplied with both a fibreglass 2oz tip and carbon 4oz tip.
  • 8′ Opportunist X 2lb: Versatile and ideal for a multitude of species and scenarios.
  • 8′ Opportunist X 2.5lb: With more power for larger fish and heavier weights.
  • 10′ Opportunist XTND 2.25lb: Provides enhanced versatility for targeting a wide range of species.
  • 10′ Opportunist XTND 2.75lb: Offers more power for challenging conditions.

Effortless Transport and Storage:

All rods in the Opportunist X Series easily store and transport in Korum’s Opportunist luggage series, offering convenience for anglers on the go. Choosing the transport size is simpler than ever, making it easier to become a true Opportunist angler.

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