MAP Dual Pole Roller

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MAP Dual Pole Roller

The new Dual Pole roller offers genuine innovation and eliminates most of the problems associated with current pole roller designs.


Unlike many other pole rollers, the Dual Roller can be use either as a standard flatbed roller, or a double roller due to the unique removable central roller.


This removable roller can also be placed in three different positions giving you more than just one option when double shipping.


It also features a durable soft foam on the main roller that prevents vibration and bait spillage when shipping.


The unique removable legs are also a first on a poles roller, giving you a host of options depending on the type of terrain your faced with.


Can be used either as a single or double shipping roller due to the removable central upright roller.


The central upright roller can be moved into three different positions, giving you more than one option when double shipping Durable soft foam is used on main roller to prevent vibration and bait spillage when shipping The unique removable legs enables the roller to be used at several different heights Comes with a set of standard legs, plus 4 short legs that allows the roller to be used at ground level.


Supplied in a deluxe padded carry case.

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