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Matrix S25 Superbox Black Edition

Sale! Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £269.99.

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Matrix S25 Superbox Black Edition

Out of stock


Sale! Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £269.99.

Built using the popular Matrix drawer system, this high-performance seatbox from the dedicated match fishing minds at Fox International

Out of stock

Product Detail

Matrix S25 Superbox Black Edition

Built using the popular Matrix drawer system, this high-performance seatbox from the dedicated match fishing minds at Fox International’s match-focused imprint brand combines fantastic, striking form with quality function for the ultimate match fishing essential, designed with winners in mind.

While the colour co-ordinated handwheels and backplate badges make the Matrix S25 Superbox instantly recognisable in a competitive line up, and set you up as a stylish angler who knows what looks good, the lightweight aluminium frame, 25mm tele-adjustable round legs, with threaded leg caps, give you the kind of functionality that successful match fishing sessions are made of.  With a spirit level built in to enable you to effortlessly ensure that your seatbox is level and stable even on the sharpest slopes and most uneven terrain, large, flat, swivelling mud feet to enhance stability,  and a strong, anti-warp footplate that allows you to stand up and lean forward into the play if you need to, give you a comfortable seat box that will deliver match fishing success without angler fatigue, wherever you’re fishing, and whatever fish are biting.  Integrated with the seatbox, so that it slides neatly under the frame when you’re ready to pack down, the footplate is designed to give maximum versatility and performance, whilst taking up the minimum amount of space in transit – an important consideration when you think of all the essentials you’re going to need to get out to your peg to give yourself the best advantage possible in a competitive match tournament.

With snag-free fitting throughout, this seatbox offers frustration-free set up that’s quick and easy, allowing you to approach the start of your match calmly, and with complete focus on your rod and the water, while storage is taken care of by a deep drawer unit, that can hold your bait tubs, a shallow side tray for your terminal tackle, and a transport lid that gives you the flexibility to bring your rigs and feeders to your peg within your seatbox, saving you a little bit of space in what’s likely to be a pretty full kit.

Designed for all levels of match angler, from the complete beginner to the seasoned pro, the Matrix range of products, including the S25, is brought to you by a brand that understands your high expectations, and puts their all into exceeding them with stylish, quality equipment that offers the perfect match for your fishing ambition.

Match fishing is a demanding, specialist discipline, and, whether you’re just starting out, and competing in your first local club matches, or you’re an international match angler building a winning reputation, you need top-quality equipment that has been designed and built around the challenges of your sport, and that you can trust to back up your knowledge, skill, and performance expertise out on the peg.

That’s where Matrix, a dynamic new imprint from the well-established stable of Fox International, comes in.  Bringing all of the style and performance anglers of all disciplines have come to expect from the Fox brand, and combining it with a dedicated, knowledgable focus that’s exclusively on match fishing, and the anglers who love the demands of that discipline, Matrix’s vibrant youth as a brand means it is running onto the field with no preconceptions or establlished patterns of behaviour, and can take a full, fresh look at the wants and needs of the contemporary match angler, and design products that address both these present, identified needs, and anticipated future needs, ensuring fishing satisfaction for years to come.

When you combine the creative passion of an emerging market force with the knowledge and passion honed over years in the angling business of a brand like Fox, you get an irresistable offering and experience that you simply can’t ignore.


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  • Price Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £269.99.

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