Prologic Spectrum Flourocarbon

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  • Ultra fast sinking properties
  • Virtually invisible under water
  • Incredible abrasion resistance
  • Minimal stretch, making feeling your lead down easier and more accurate

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About this product

Prologic Spectrum Fluorocarbon


The world’s first 100% fluorocarbon line to offer all the performance of a monofilament, Prologic Spectrum HDC is ready to revolutionise your carp fishing, giving you effortless distance casting, reliable knot strength, and anti-coil, anti-frap functionality on a low-stretch, highly responsive line that’s guaranteed to help you achieve the performance you’re truly capable of, session after session.

Spectrum HDC sinks fast, so you can get your bait where it needs to be with no messing about, while its special tint is designed to blend in to any lake or river bed, ensuring ultimate camouflage, and maximising your catch potential.

With a tight molecular structure, this is a line that’s designed for toughness, reliable strength, and incredible abrasion resistance; wherever you’re fishing, make sure you have Prologic Spectrum HDC loaded and ready to go.

What Discipline Is It For?

The most dynamic carp fishing  line on the market, Spectrum will haunt you for life if you don’t make it a core part of your angling set up.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you don’t want to have to choose between fluorocarbon and monofilament lines, or if that’s a choice you simply can’t make, then Prologic Spectrum HDC is the line for you, giving you all the performance of a monofilament, with the added edge of a fluorocarbon.  The only choice you have to make now is how many spools to order!

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