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Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scale 120LB


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Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scale 120LB

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SKU: FT-RH-RH4120 TP100S

  • Weighs up to 120lb
  • Full overload protection
  • Famous Reuben Heaton Branding On Scales
  • ?Negative look? high visibility dials

5 in stock

Product Detail

Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scale 120LB


New Specimen Hunter Scales 2017
The ?original? specialist anglers? scale that has continued to set the benchmark for all specimen-style scales since its arrival in 1988. The Specimen Hunter is a high performance scale specifically designed with the modern specialist angler in mind. With an accuracy of over one part in 500, this is a top class scale used by competition and specimen anglers alike.

Now featuring a variation of our Enhanced Vision System (EVS), the 2017 model Specimen Hunter has improved readability in normal and especially low light conditions. EVS reduces glare and flash from bright sunlight and other direct light sources such as head torches giving improved visibility of dial markings.



? Stainless steel hook and hanging points
? ?Negative look? high visibility dials
? Highly corrosion-resistant interiors
? Large tare/zero facility to 15% of capacity
? High impact polycarbonate body and lens
? Full overload protection
? Comprehensive after scales servicing & calibration facilities

Scale Diameter 170mm
Top Hook to Hang Point 285mm
Weight 800g


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