RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter

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The RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter cuts multiple boilies quickly and efficiently: designed & developed to chop multiple baits at a time.... Read more.

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About this product

The RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter.

Cuts multiple boilies quickly and efficiently, therefore saving time and effort over traditional methods.

Simple design, easy to use and makes fishing with chopped boilies a pleasure.

Baits flutter down slowly through the water column.

The bait will settle gently on top of silt or low-lying weed because of their irregular shape.

Allowing  you to achieve a baiting situation that is very different to that of traditional round boilies.

Simple to use, easy to empty
Hard-wearing two-piece design
Stainless steel cutting blade
Protected registered design

Recommended Size Guide:
Small 14-16mm
Medium 18mm-20mm

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