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Shimano Kairiki G5 Braid


Shimano Kairiki G5 Braid

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  • made of a higher-gravity material
  • has no stretch
  • this is a fast sinking braided line which offers several advantages to anglers
  • sinks faster than regular braided line

Product Detail

Shimano Kairiki G5 Braid

The new KAIRIKI G5 is new braided Shimano line with unique characteristics. This 4 yarn braided line uses a core yarn made of a higher-gravity material. As a result this is a fast sinking braided line which offers several advantages to anglers. The line is heavier and thus less affected by wind during the cast, and current during the initial drop on the water. Because of this the angler has quicker control over the lure. During the sinking phase the line sinks faster than regular braided line, this makes it easier to fish, especially lighter, rigs on depth. Other lines with high gravity are nylon an fluoro but compared to those the new KAIRIKI G5 is has no stretch and has a much higher breaking strength. This new KAIRIKI G5 is developed for the real tackle fanatic who like to tweak his material to the limit to achieve the best results possible.

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  • Shimano Kairiki G5 Braid 150M: 9LB, 12LB, 15LB,

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