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Sonubaits Natural Hemp 400g


Out of stock

Sonubaits Natural Hemp 400g

Out of stock

SKU: FT-SB-SO900002

  • Crafted with premium hemp seeds for superior quality and performance
  • Authentic scent and flavor profile attract various freshwater species
  • Convenient 400g packaging for easy storage and transportation
  • Trusted by anglers worldwide for proven success
  • Versatile bait suitable for float, feeder, or method fishing techniques

Out of stock

Product Detail

Enhance Your Fishing with Sonubaits Natural Hemp 400g


Sonubaits Natural Hemp 400g is a game-changing bait, ideal for anglers seeking to elevate their fishing experience. Crafted with premium hemp seeds, it offers an authentic scent and flavour profile, attracting carp, bream, tench, and more.

Quality Ingredients and Performance:

Sonubaits Natural Hemp 400g is crafted with the finest hemp seeds, ensuring superior quality and performance. Its carefully selected ingredients guarantee an authentic scent and flavour that fish find irresistible, resulting in enhanced attraction and increased catch rates.

Versatile and Easy:

Sonubaits Natural Hemp is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Suitable for different fishing scenarios, it requires minimal preparation, allowing anglers to spend more time fishing and less time baiting.

Effective Feeding Stimulus:

Upon introduction to water, Sonubaits Natural Hemp releases attractants, creating a feeding frenzy among fish. Its long-lasting effectiveness ensures sustained fish attraction and increased catch rates.

Ideal for Various Techniques:

Suitable for float fishing, feeder fishing, or method fishing, Sonubaits Natural Hemp adapts to different techniques and conditions. Its versatility allows anglers to experiment and optimize their fishing approach.


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