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This has to be the biggest advance in spod design for years and years, once you have seen one of these working you will have to buy one and

Product Detail

Spomb – This has to be the biggest advance in spod design for years and years, once you have seen one of these working you will have to buy one and never go back to the old design ever again.

How to use!!

Fix to your line and use as a spod.

Hold the Spomb with the logo on body facing upwards.

Push the RED BUTTON, keep the Spomb open with thumb as shown.


Fill with bait and close together firmly at nose end.



On hitting clip let it drop into water.

Retrieve. Bait has already washed out.

When reeling in Spomb, a fast steady retrieve will produce what seems an amazing flight across the top of the water as it aquaplanes back across the surface.

Why Spomb ??

AWESOME DISTANCE The aerodynamics of the Spomb are of a teardrop shape.

This is certainly the ultimate product for flight through the air with the minimum resistance.

Furthest measured cast distance is 190 yards (173 metres)!

INSTANT BAIT DELIVERY When the Spomb contacts the water the body is released fully open so washing the bait out instantly.

FAST AQUAPLANE RETRIEVE The Spomb floats once opened and glides effortlessly across the top of the water with no spinning or line twist even in the strongest of winds.

Other Spods have too much resistance on retrieve.

NO BAIT LOSS Once it is loaded, because the container is closed shut, no bait will come out until it impacts with the water and opens.

Spods with an open end or with holes lets the bait fall out.

ANY BAIT that fits in the Spomb can be cast out including:- pellets, boilies, hemp, corn, mixer, bread, meat, maggot, worms and particles etc.

NO NEED TO MIX All baits can just be loaded into the Spomb without any need to mix.

If you wish to mix balls of ground bait though, these can be cast accurately to a given distance even at a very long range.

GOOD WIND ACCURACY Wind has very little effect on its flight because of the aerodynamics.

Even with a strong cross wind, its accuracy and distance is remarkable.

Spomb Spod Bomb Baiting System

Available in black or white, the white version improves visibilty when casting against trees or a dark background, also better at night.

B.A.C Say:

The Spomb has been one of 2010’s success stories, enabling anglers to present bait more accurately with NO SPILL!!

The B.A.C Carp Team have had massive success using the Spomb for boilie fishing, where most spods find it hard to release the boilies the Spomb simply throws them out on impact.

Due to the Spombs rocket shape it has been known to exceed distance’s of 200 yards, and flies really well in strong winds.. If you havent already had a go Spombing we highly recommend it… We are sure it will put a fish or two more on the bank.



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