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Sticky Baits Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid


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Sticky Baits Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid

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Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid is one of our best selling products

11 in stock

Product Detail

Sticky Baits Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid is one of our best selling products, it?s safe to say that this extremely universal liquid has led to the downfall of a huge number of carp over the years!

“We incorporate high levels of real blood worm into our products that emit the attractive properties of undoubtedly one of the carp?s greatest natural food sources. This natural liquid is designed to fool wary carp into thinking a bloodworm bed has recently been harvested. Once applied to the swim, the liquid creates a hazy cloud that sits close to the lakebed, giving fish the confidence to feed freely.

The Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid perfectly compliments the Bloodworm Active Mix, but we also like to add some Bloodworm Pellets and crushed Bloodworm Boilies to finish of the mix. Not only is this ?Cloudy?? great for PVA mixes, it also makes a great addition to any spod mix to create a real haze in your swim. A definite must have!”

Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid is available in 1 litre jerry cans.


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