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Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm


17 in stock

Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm

In stock


  • Sweet Raspberry Scent
  • Extended Buoyancy
  • Bright Color
  • Durable Underwater
  • Versatile Use
  • Resealable for Freshness

17 in stock

Product Detail

Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm


Sticky Baits’ Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm provide anglers with a premium carp fishing bait designed to give them a distinct advantage. Anglers appreciate these pop-ups for their vibrant color, unique flavor profile, and exceptional buoyancy. The 16mm size ensures versatility, making them suitable for various fishing scenarios and rigs.

Flavor and Aroma

The Raspberry BonBon flavour stands out as a key feature. Infused with a sweet and fruity raspberry scent, these baits mimic the aroma of a classic candy shop treat. This enticing scent attracts carp from a distance, increasing the chances of a successful catch. The long-lasting flavour ensures effectiveness even after prolonged submersion in water.

Buoyancy and Durability

A critical attribute of Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups is their superior buoyancy. These pop-ups stay afloat for extended periods, making them ideal for various fishing techniques, including snowman rigs and chod rigs. The durable structure withstands underwater environments without losing buoyancy or shape.

Visual Appeal

The bright, eye-catching colour significantly enhances their effectiveness. The vivid raspberry hue stands out in various water conditions, from clear lakes to murky rivers. This visual appeal, combined with the irresistible flavour and scent, effectively draws in curious carp.


Anglers can use Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm in multiple fishing setups. Whether targeting larger carp in deep waters or smaller species in shallower areas, these pop-ups adapt easily to meet different needs. Their consistent performance in various conditions makes them a reliable choice for improving catch rates.

Packaging and Storage

These pop-ups come in a resealable container, ensuring freshness and readiness for use at all times. The packaging protects the baits from moisture and other environmental factors, maintaining their effectiveness. Proper storage extends the shelf life of the baits, making them a cost-effective option for regular anglers.


Sticky Baits Raspberry BonBon Pop-Ups 16mm combine appealing flavours, robust buoyancy, and striking visuals to create highly effective bait for carp fishing. Their versatility and durability make them a go-to choice for anglers aiming to improve their fishing success.

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