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Sticky Baits Trouties Mixed Size Pellets


16 in stock

Sticky Baits Trouties Mixed Size Pellets

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  • Nutritious Formula: Packed with high-quality fishmeal for optimal carp nutrition.
  • Mixed Sizes: Mimics natural feeding conditions, keeping carp engaged.
  • Attractive Aroma: Strong fishmeal scent attracts carp from afar.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various fishing techniques and setups.
  • Easy to Use: Convenient packaging and simple application make fishing hassle-free.
  • Resealable Bags: Ensures freshness and longevity of the pellets.

16 in stock

Product Detail

Sticky Baits Trouties Mixed Size Pellets


Sticky Baits Trouties Mixed Size Pellets offer a versatile and highly effective bait option for carp anglers. These pellets, known for their mixed sizes and superior nutritional profile, cater to various fishing conditions and techniques. Designed to attract and retain carp, these pellets are a favourite among anglers looking to improve their catch rates.

Nutritional Value

Sticky Baits ensures that Trouties Mixed Size Pellets deliver a rich nutritional profile. These pellets contain high-quality fishmeal and other essential ingredients that provide carp with the nutrients they need. This balanced diet not only attracts carp but also encourages them to stay in the baited area for longer periods, increasing the likelihood of a successful catch.

Mixed Sizes

The mixed sizes of these pellets add a unique advantage for anglers. Varying pellet sizes create a natural feeding environment, mimicking the diversity found in a carp’s natural diet. This variety keeps the carp interested and actively feeding, making it easier for anglers to maintain a feeding area and improve their chances of hooking a fish.


Trouties Mixed Size Pellets are designed to be highly attractive to carp. The combination of a strong fishmeal aroma and the mixed sizes ensures that carp are drawn in from a distance. Once they start feeding, the high nutritional content keeps them engaged, giving anglers more time to catch them.

Ease of Use

These pellets are easy to use and suitable for a range of fishing techniques. Whether you are using them in a PVA bag, as part of a groundbait mix, or simply scattering them around your baited area, Trouties Mixed Size Pellets adapt well to different methods. This versatility makes them a reliable choice for anglers at all skill levels.

Packaging and Storage

Sticky Baits packages these pellets in resealable bags, ensuring they remain fresh and effective over multiple fishing trips. The packaging protects the pellets from moisture and environmental factors that could compromise their quality. Proper storage extends the shelf life, providing anglers with a dependable bait option throughout the fishing season.


Sticky Baits Trouties Mixed Size Pellets combine a rich nutritional profile, varied pellet sizes, and strong attractiveness to create an effective bait for carp fishing. Their ease of use and reliable packaging make them a go-to choice for anglers seeking to enhance their fishing success.

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