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Sufix SFX 8x Lo Vis Green Braid


Sufix SFX 8x Lo Vis Green Braid

In stock

  • Japanese material
  • quiet performance
  • super low stretch
  • high knot strength

Product Detail

Sufix SFX 8x Lo Vis Green Braid

Sufix SFX 8X is an eight carrier premium braided fishing line. Its made of 100% Japanese UHMPE fibers. Therefore the braid has a very smooth surface – resulting long casts and quiet performance in the line guides.

Additonally Sufix SFX 8X has a high knot strength combined with super low stretch, offering superior handling performance and sensitivity.

Features of the Sufix SFX 8X braided line:
8 carriers construction of thin UHMPE fibers – resulting a very smooth surface
long casting
high knot strength
super low stretch
quiet performance
Japanese material

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  • SFX 8X Green Braid: 50lb,

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  • Price £16.48

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