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Tackle Guru – Aventus 4m+1m Landing Net Handle


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Tackle Guru – Aventus 4m+1m Landing Net Handle

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Tackle Guru – Aventus 4m+1m Landing Net Handle – Designed to be incredibly versatile and super high performance throughout its combinations of lengths and varieties.

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Tackle Guru – Aventus 4m+1m Landing Net Handle

Tackle Guru – Aventus 4m+1m Landing Net Handle – Designed to be incredibly versatile and super high performance throughout its combinations of lengths and varieties, to cater for ALL competition fishing situations. Suitable and versatile to satisfy commercial, natural and international styles of fishing, with a maximum length of 5m. The handle is three sections, plus a 1m extension.

This latest handle is super high performance built using top grade carbon with re-enforced joints throughout. This makes it lightweight, stiff and strong throughout its combinations. At a full 5m, the handle is ideal for international situations, for venues where anglers are sitting high off the water or have snags/weed in front of them that they need to net fish beyond. In a lot of high-level competitions, having extra landing net length gives anglers ultimate confidence they can net fish when they pop-up a long way out.

The versatility of the handle comes primarily from the fact it has two different threads that are double-pinned into the end and second section. This offers anglers the chance to have a thinner end of the handle, that can be used at any length from the end section right up to 5m long. If you wanted a super thin and lightweight short handle in a particular situation, there is nothing stopping anglers using just the first and second section alone for this. You can use the first second and third section too, or the full 5m.

The second thread is in the second section, also double-pinned securely in place, to give anglers the option of having a much stiffer handle with thicker support at the net head end. The carbon at the very end is tapered to prevent the very end looking super bulky. This style of handle has been super popular on the commercial scene, offering ultimate strength and also giving anglers the power and control to scoop and manoeuvre their landing net through the water to net big fish with confidence. The 1m extension really comes into play when using the landing net in this combination, as it gives anglers an extra 1m of reach and control, alongside the super stiff performance of the second threaded section with their net on. Previously, a lot of landing nets that had the thicker thread section could only be used at short lengths.

In the butt end of the 1m extension, the handle has a Floater Protection Cone inside it. This reduces damage to the back end of the pole that is often resting on the bank behind anglers, and also prevents grit, dirt or stones entering. When sat out in the water in a wading situation it creates a floating back end of the handle preventing it filling with water.

The finish on the landing net pole is smooth and slick, that gives anglers a balance of manoeuvrability and grip, while looking the part too!

The threads themselves where the landing net is screwed into the pole were a part we wanted to ensure were incredibly strong and reliable. These are extra durable and are both double-pinned as previously mentioned for ultimate security.


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