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Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels


Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels

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Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels – Ultra-high buoyancy foam barrels are made specifically for use with Zig Kickers, but are also ideal as a buoyant hookbaits.

Product Detail

Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels

Ultra-high buoyancy foam Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels are made for use with TA Zig Kickers but are also ideal as super buoyant hookbaits. The foam readily absorbs attractors and retains buoyancy indefinitely – making them useful for a myriad of hookbait applications.

Available in all Black, Brown or Black & Red, Black & Yellow, Black & Pink, Black & Orange and Black & Brown dual-colour barrels.

Supplied in packs of 10.

Size: L12mm x W8mm


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