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Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo


Out of stock

Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo

Out of stock

SKU: FT-TRAK-208305

  • Enhance angling stealth with Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo
  • Durable, versatile, and seamlessly blends into surroundings
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Doubles as a shelter during inclement weather
  • Mimics natural foliage for enhanced concealment
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Out of stock

Product Detail

Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo: Where Functionality Meets Camouflage Style


The Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo seamlessly blends practicality with a sleek design. Furthermore, its camo pattern seamlessly integrates into natural surroundings, providing discreet coverage for your bedchair and gear.


Crafted from durable materials, it effectively shields you and your equipment from rain, wind, and sunlight. Despite its robust build, the bed cover remains lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.


Featuring adjustable straps and buckles, it offers a secure fit over most standard-sized bedchairs. Moreover, its elasticated edges ensure a tight seal, preventing drafts and insects. Additionally, it doubles as a versatile shelter during inclement weather conditions.

Camouflage Advantage

The camo pattern not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose. Specifically, it mimics natural foliage, providing essential concealment for stealthy angling. Whether in woodlands, overgrown banks, or open fields, the bed cover helps you blend seamlessly into your surroundings.


Beyond its primary function, this product serves multiple purposes outdoors. For instance, it can act as a groundsheet to keep gear dry or be draped over equipment for additional camouflage. Its multipurpose design makes it an indispensable tool for anglers seeking versatility in their gear.


The Trakker RLX Bed Cover Camo stands as a testament to innovation and practicality in angling gear. With its durable construction, functional design, and versatile camo pattern, it enhances your fishing experience significantly. Therefore, invest in this bed cover for optimal comfort, protection, and stealth on the water’s edge.

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